About Revolutionary Gems

 You know that feeling you get when you help someone? How it lifts your spirits to know you've improved their life in some small way? That's what this jewelry is all about. Looking good, feeling good and doing good! These are uncommon jewelry designs created to celebrate your individuality and help you know your power to help others.  Crafted with everything from natural wood to semi-precious gemstones; styles that range from delicate to bold, these designs help you express your yourself and start a conversation about changing the world for women. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind - just like you!

We are Revolutionary Gems...multi-faceted women who have the power to change the world. Even if it's just your own little corner of the world....small changes, small gifts of compassion and support, can have a ripple effect. People watch, people listen, even if they don't always agree. You never know who you might reach, and whose life you might change.

I have chosen to focus on helping women who are trapped in the vicious cycle of domestic violence. I understand the need. I understand the pain.  Above all else, I understand the fear. I was physically as well as emotionally abused by my first husband for 13 years. I also understand why a woman stays, and my heart goes out to her. I want to help her, and I hope you'll join me.

Revolutionary Gems supports SPAARC - Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center in Sarasota, Fl, which provides shelter, support and programs for victims of Domestic Violence. 

Without organizations like SPARCC, women may not have anywhere to go for the help they so desperately need. SPARCC also actively engages in preventing and ending violence against women through addressing and changing social norms that promote it. Ten percent of the proceeds of all sales will be donated to SPARCC.

The "Socially Conscious Style" collection is designed with handcrafted beads from Africa. with Fair Trade Kazuri beads. These are true beautiful ceramic beads which are handmade by women in Kenya. I'm supporting them by buying their beads, and you'll support them by buying jewelry from this collection.

So, I trust my jewelry will not only make you look good, but also feel good, as you will be a "world changing woman" when you choose Revolutionary Gems.

Please join me as I strive to change the world with style. Stay informed on new designs, special sales and events by signing up here.